Fragment (Consider Revising ) EP (Special K Edition) 2010

by Radio Scotvoid

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    thank you to all the remixers who destroyed Special K
    :) sb2010*

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    “LTB (Lika Mix)” is reminiscent of Shackleton, built around a haunting cello line. “Tooth & Claw (Wineglass Mix)” centers around vocal samples, a spastic 8-bit beat going off haphazardly below. “Sleepyface (Big Z’s Mix)” is a bassline away from being Massive Attack, and “I Love Special K (Crunchtime Remix)” shows some serious ADD in the course of four minutes. Like Scotvoid, this EP is busy. With all the styles crammed into Fragment, it’s practically a crash course in subgenres.

    The Weekly Dig, Boston
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This EP goes out to the City of Salem, MA for giving me the space to explore my musical boundaries.


released April 8, 2010

Shaun @ Earth Monkey Productions, Mike Miksis, Tony Lika, Neil Carlil, Black Sifichi, The Wilson and Buchanan family, Craig Mitchell, Craig Henderson, Jorge Encinas, Noel Snow, Mike Dragani, Alan Finn, Rob Allen and Koki Abra!



all rights reserved


Radio Scotvoid Boston, Massachusetts

Scottish producer & dj based in Boston /// THESE ARE COMBINED ORIGINAL WORKS FROM 2006-2011 /// look out for new releases under SKOTVOID

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Track Name: Tooth & Claw (Wineglass Mix) Feat Neil Carlill
mmmm, it's melodic
Radio scotvoid
He’s the bolting green maestro spelt backwards
And the turnings and the evergreen shoot collapsed
And quizzical laughing at money people oh
Homespun the lot spun the log spun the lot
Spun the hots spun the lots and joy
Oh you are in letter
Oh you denounce
Salving the celestial eyes
Going the landslide
Goading this landslide
Goading the landslides
Regarding the landslides
It's so so great its 3:58
It's so so late and the sweet are gain
It’s so so great and sweet bar late
He’s band bored
Oh will you soap don't gulp manic salts so
And when you told the women you low
The palladium light shifts the accent the curfew
Hidden mates and the crew for bad gods
Bother sweets and the outboards so stunning
And lady breaks and what turns the breaks some law?
He’s downsizing car parts, the resistance of elfin mayors
And the town barks in collective fields now
Portal man his and the who is a Jeremy not la
mmmm, it's melodic
Found solid solid salt
Skinner skinner skinner
leibers leibers leibers
And bolts for volts bolts
Solid wine glass skinhead dancing
And walk the toe frame shoes
beroo beroo beroo'
beroo beroo beroo'
beroo beroo
Food isn't lives and your tonight
You set the sight of the parasites light
The holy he leaves and rain stains the cloud he moss skies
Well mouse on the wisdom of your truth is flowers
Vice and regrets the noose you pinch a paunch say so so so
The bow I amble loves sweat so lets so right you cold too do
In he axe and feel axe and any axe and feel axe
And may the sold so you low
And he axe and feel axe the pharmacy apt tracks
The abstracts in that pie high
The salts feeling back for lights and joke form
You turning to the green shoot boo
It’s 13314127 dollars bid you do leaves
Hallo to salt gold and do the posters
Ballets of tall women and gold
Oh will you salt don't goat manic so ask
Oh well you told the women you low
sam'o' fours when you walls ban to that
sam'o'fours waits for slow
Sold the old on the lone the talk sue the bong
The sold will you salt don't goat manic so ask
Oh well you told the women you low
Track Name: Just Because (Worst Mix)
I got a weak cold, that's a week old,
Gotta take a leak yo, got some pee on my big toe.
Should've layed off the vino,
Lookin like Craig Elo,
In a White Hen playin some Keno...
Get the crowds dancing like Gino?
With that 'Jive Talkin', in my walkman.
In Hyde Park, dry humpin some bitch that belongs at a dry function,
She smokes butts at Dunkin's,
Down by the Salem junction, inhaling somethin',
Til your feelin nothin, went to Dodge last night,
Yo im still buzzin...
If the bitch aint' got my money,
Then I sweep the leg Johnny, got no mercy,
Hersey squirt purposefully, so I can always got some shit on me.
I've been horny since last night’s news,
Maria Stephanos she got a good body.
I want to touch her boobs, and rub her cooch
She can leave on the boots too,
Sipping on a duece duece on a stoop with a Spanish dude
Rockin’ a bluetooth and gold teeth.
Watch the sox all week, rock a Scotvoid beat
You better watch your feet,
You might get pushed off that cliff.
I’m on some Lemmings shit,
Now your brains hemorrhaging medicine,
Acid dipped venison,
John Papplebon diligence
Fantastic militants
Who march to the sound of innocence...
I'm on the A list,
And you, you’re on the anus,
I don’t give a shit, plus I never gave it.
Basically I get head from base head chicks,
Who smoke Basics and smell like piss.
I break into my crib and sell my own shit.
‘Cause 'that’s how I get dough kid!
It’s either that or eggs, flour and a rolling pin,
My dick's still growing and…
I'm not into holding hands,
I’d rather have her in 4 point stance,
With no pants and then I go in, again...
...and then I go in , again...
Used to pop a lot of shots,
Puff a lot of pot,
Talk in monologues,
Robbing armored trucks,
Rocking water logged clogs.
Lost a lot of jobs,
Got a lot of knob shlobs
From soccer moms, I'm a boss!
Got a lot of gods,
Used to cut a lot of drugs,
Sold a lot of buds, just because...
Just because.....
From Salem to Scotland just because!