Fae Ecosse

by Radio Scotvoid

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The best thing about net labels is that net label artists are totally (at least theoretically) free from the constraints of the music industry and they can do all kinds of off kilter experimentation's. Here's one of em from one of our net label faves Radio Scotvoid. His latest EP on Earth Monkey, Fae Ecosse sees the Scottie make a few genre less wanderings from electronica to 4/4 beats. From the sax lead C'mon Lets Go! (Bitzblitz Mix) to the minimal headbopper I'm A Groover, Not A Raver this 5 track EP is pretty strange from start to finish. Best track for me is the dubby styling of They're A' Happy (Chai Tea Mix), with a long speech with Scottish accent. This would make a great dubstep remix! www.undomondo.com

Original release by Earth Monkey Productions on Internet Archive www.archive.org/details/rsv_fae_ecosse and Remix album www.archive.org/details/rsvp_feep


released February 5, 2007

Thank you: EMP, Industry 56, Henley Douglas Jr, Mike Miksis, Elton Lika, Noel Snow, Koki Abra and the YLT!



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Radio Scotvoid Boston, Massachusetts

Scottish producer & dj based in Boston /// THESE ARE COMBINED ORIGINAL WORKS FROM 2006-2011 /// look out for new releases under SKOTVOID

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